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Upgrading the panel can enhance the overall efficiency and safety of the electrical system in response to increased demands. If you’re planning a home or business renovation, looking to update major appliances in the near future, or if you’re questioning the safety and capability of your electrical system, it’s time to call the professionals at Affinity Electric for an inspection of your home’s electrical panel.

Ensure your home’s entire electrical system is up to code and able to operate safely, Affinity Electric offers a variety of electrical panel repair services for businesses and homeowners in Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch and the entire Denver Metro area.

Learn About Electrical Panels

The Electrical panel (often called “breaker panel”) serves as the central distribution point for electrical circuits, and it contains circuit breakers or fuses that control and protect each circuit. Just like most other systems in your home or business, there will likely come a time when your electrical panel may need to be repaired, upgraded, or replaced. The good news is our local Colorado electricians have the knowledge and experience required to keep your home’s electrical system in tip-top shape.

The main electrical panel is the hub of your building or home’s power system—it holds all your circuit breakers, which are safety switches that shut off power to parts of your building or home when an electrical circuit overloads. For your home’s electrical system to operate properly and safely at all times, your main electrical panel must be healthy.

  • Old Age. Your electrical panel is very old.
  • Flickering lights. The lights in your building are dimming or flickering.
  • You aren’t able to use multiple appliances plugged into the same circuit.
  • Your breakers trip often.
  • Breakers are overheating, causing fire, smoke, and melted wires.
  • You hear crackling sounds coming from your electrical panel.
  • Appliances are no longer able to run at full power.
  • You use extension cords often.
  • You have an older home or building with a fuse box panel that doesn’t have a main breaker.
  • You are remodeling, renovating or changing the structure of your building or home.
  • Outlets near water sources (sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines) are not GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters).
  1. Central Air Conditioning Units:
    • Installation or upgrading to a central air conditioning system may require additional electrical capacity.
  2. Electric Range or Oven:
    • Modern electric ranges and ovens with higher wattage may demand an upgraded electrical panel.
  3. Electric Water Heaters:
    • Upgrading to an electric water heater with higher capacity may require a panel upgrade.
  4. Home Additions:
    • Expanding the living space through home additions typically requires increased electrical capacity to support additional lighting, outlets, and appliances.
  5. Hot Tubs or Jacuzzis:
    • Installing hot tubs or jacuzzis often requires a panel upgrade to handle the increased electrical load.
  6. Home Office Equipment:
    • If setting up a home office with multiple computers, printers, and other electronic devices, it might be necessary to upgrade the electrical panel to meet the increased demand.
  7. Home Theater Systems:
    • Elaborate home theater setups with high-end audio-visual equipment may benefit from an electrical panel upgrade.
  8. EV Charging Stations:
    • Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at home may require a panel upgrade to support the additional power demand.
  9. Smart Home Systems:
    • Comprehensive smart home systems with automation, security, and other features may need additional electrical capacity.
  10. Workshop Equipment:
    • If setting up a workshop with heavy-duty power tools and machinery, an upgraded panel may be necessary.
  • Circuit breaker installation
  • Circuit breaker troubleshooting – replacement, and upgrades
  • Rewiring of the electrical panel
  • Adding a subpanel for basement remodels
  • Relocation of the electrical panel due to moisture or other concerns
  • Bus bar replacement

Most likely – yes.  Installing an EV charger typically requires a dedicated circuit, and the electrical panel must be able to handle the increased load without compromising safety. Upgrading the electrical panel, if necessary, ensures that your home is properly equipped to support the charging needs of your electric vehicle. Of course every building and home is unique. Besides  requirements related to EV charger installations there are code issues to consider. Some areas may mandate upgrades to the electrical system, including the panel, for EV charging installations. Affinity Electric can help install your EV charging station so it provides safe and reliable electrical power.

Yes, “electrical panel” and “breaker panel” are terms often used interchangeably, referring to the same essential component in a home’s electrical system. This panel serves as the central distribution point for electrical circuits, and it contains circuit breakers or fuses that control and protect each circuit.

An electrical panel may also be called: an electrical breaker panel, electrical service panel, electrical distribution board.

While the terms may vary, the function remains the same – to provide a centralized location for controlling and distributing electrical power within a home or building. It’s important to note that electrical panels are a crucial part of the electrical system, and their proper installation, maintenance, and occasional upgrades are essential for the safety and functionality of a property’s electrical infrastructure.