Affinity Electric’s team of electricians offer expert electrical wiring for new construction, remodeling projects for both homes and commercial businesses throughout the Denver metro area including: Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch and other front range Colorado locations.

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Need to install a new EV charging station? Or perhaps you’re renovating a commercial building or home? No matter the electrical project – we are experts at rewiring! We also understand that rewiring your building or home is a substantial undertaking, that’s why we invite you to contact Affinity Electric team of licensed electricians! Given that a significant portion of your building or home’s wiring is concealed behind walls, the task of upgrading or rewiring the entire house or building can be tricky – and it has to be done right. We invite you to hire Affinity Electric to take care of your home or commercial building’s wiring. Whether your project is large or small – we can handle it  with precision and expertise.

Ensure your home’s entire electrical system is up to code and able to operate safely, Affinity Electric offers a variety of electrical panel repair services for businesses and homeowners in Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch and the entire Denver Metro area.

If your electrical system is outdated, damaged or a new installation, let Affinity Electric provide your home or building with full rewiring, breaker installation or circuit reconstruction. We’re also available for partial rewiring solutions. These services include installing switches, sockets and lighting as well as modern upgrades and repairs.

Learn About Electrical Wiring

Undertaking an electrical wiring project can be potentially dangerous, complex and requires careful planning and execution. Any serious rewiring projects is a job best done by professional electricians like Affinity Electric.

When Affinity Electric takes on an electrical wiring project, we always prioritize safety, comply with local codes, and obtain necessary permits. If its a more complex project – such as a remodeling project, we’ll plan the circuit layout carefully, always use high-quality materials, and consider future expansion while ensuring proper grounding and protection measures – and before we do any work we’ll provide a FREE ESTIMATE to you.

Whether its rewiring kitchen outlets or rewiring an entire house or building –  Affinity Electric are a team of Colorado electricians who have the knowledge and experience required to do a great job – safely and on budget!

If your home has outdated wiring, experiences frequent electrical issues, or if you’re planning renovations, it might be time for an upgrade. Affinity Electric electricians can assess your current wiring and recommend necessary improvements.

If you use outdoor tools, have outdoor lighting, or entertain in your yard, installing outdoor outlets is highly beneficial and can increase the value of your home. They provide convenient access to power for various outdoor activities. Affinity Electric can help you with all your outdoor electrical wiring and upgrades!

Yes, AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) breakers are crucial for detecting and preventing electrical fires caused by abnormal arcing conditions. They enhance safety by quickly interrupting power when such issues are detected. Contact Affinity Electric for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Absolutely. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are essential in areas with moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. They protect against electric shocks by quickly cutting off power when a ground fault is detected.

Yes, adding dedicated circuits is advisable, especially for high-powered appliances. It prevents overloading, ensures reliable power supply, and reduces the risk of tripped breakers.  Consider having Affinity Electric install a dedicated circuit if you are adding any of these: EV Charging station, Hot Tub and Jacuzzi, Washing Machine, oven or stove, dishwasher or other major appliances.

Yes, USB outlets provide a convenient and efficient way to charge electronic devices without the need for adapters. They’re a modern and practical addition to homes.

Smart lighting controls, dimmer switches, and motion sensors offer improved energy efficiency and flexibility. Upgrading your lighting controls allows for customization and can enhance the ambiance of your home. Call Affinity Electric to discuss your project and we will provide a FREE ESTIMATE prior to performing any work.

Yes, structured wiring is essential for integrating smart home technologies seamlessly. It provides a foundation for connecting devices, security systems, and home automation for a more intelligent living space.

If switches and outlets show signs of wear, are malfunctioning, or if you want to modernize the look, upgrading to new, efficient models is a wise decision. It improves functionality and safety.

Yes, whole-house surge protection safeguards electronic devices from power surges. Colorado is FAMOUS for lightning strikes. One lightning strike can take out ALL of your electrical appliances. So yes…it’s a worthwhile investment to protect your home, appliances, computers, and other sensitive equipment.

Adding ceiling fans requires proper wiring to support their installation. Ensure that your wiring is suitable for the additional load and any necessary switches or controls. Call Affinity Electric and we’ll take care of installing your new ceiling fan – save yourself the hassle!  Also, we will provide a FREE ESTIMATE prior to performing any work.

Installing a new home theater requires careful planning of wiring for audio-video components, surround sound systems, and lighting controls. Professional assistance can ensure an optimal setup.

Yes, switching to LED lighting offers energy savings, longer lifespan, and environmental benefits. It’s a cost-effective upgrade that improves lighting efficiency throughout your home or business. Call Affinity Electric to discuss how we can improve your lighting situation and save you energy with LED lighting. Plus… we will provide a FREE ESTIMATE prior to performing any work.

If you’re experiencing frequent tripped breakers, planning major renovations, or adding high-power appliances, increasing the electrical panel capacity is a smart step to accommodate the growing demand for power. Call Affinity Electric to discuss your electrical panel upgrade project and we will provide a FREE ESTIMATE prior to performing any work.

Did you know?

Copper wire is the most material used for electrical wiring in modern homes and buildings due to its excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Copper wiring is widely preferred for both residential and commercial applications.