Affinity Electric’s team of commerciall electricians offer expert and  professional electrical services to Colorado businesses throughout the Denver metro area including: Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch and other front range Colorado locations.

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The professional electricians of Affinity Electric, have years of experience working on commercial electrical projects including:

  • Electrical troubleshooting & repairs
  • New Construction – lighting install & retrofit, electrical repairs, wiring, upgrades
  • Remodels – lighting install & retrofit, electrical repairs, wiring, upgrades
  • Tennant Improvement – lighting install & retrofit, electrical repairs, wiring, upgrades
  • Lighting Fixtures & Signage
  • Garage and Parking light retrofits and installations
  • Commercial circuit breakers, wall outlets
  • Rewiring and electrical upgrades of all types
  • Maintenance plans

Some of our Commercial Electrical Clients

Commercial Electrical Installation, Repairs & Replacement

Top Commercial Electricians Serving Colorado’s Front Range

We can help your business with all things electrical. We’ll keep your business up and running when you need it. We can install new lighting or upgrade your electrical wiring. Don’t put off needed electrical repairs or upgrades. Affinity Electric’s team of professional electricians can help! We can troubleshoot your electrical system and make sure all the upgrades and installations are done safely and quickly to keep your commercial building within the specifications of your building code. Affinity Electric helps commercial businesses throughout the Denver Metro area and Colorado’s front range.

Your Commercial Wiring Experts!

Let us help you with your commercial wiring upgrades, retrofits, repairs and electrical wiring needs. From outdoor lighting, circuit breaker upgrades and full AV Systems – our electricians can fix, update and install just about everything electric in your business! If your commercial property needs electrical service or electrical repairs – we’ll show up on time and provide excellent service! Let Affinity Electric’s electricians help you with your commercial electrical needs! We’re dependable, experienced, insured and affordable too!

Electrical Services for New Construction or Remodeling Projects

We offer affordable and professional commercial electrician services for new commercial construction and remodeling projects. If you have an older commercial building we can help upgrade your electrical services, wiring, lighting and install new energy-efficient light fixtures.

Our licensed electricians can help you plan, design, wire and install everything electrical including: electrical wiring, circuit panels, electrical outlets, lighting, signage and more! We can help you get the most out of your hard-earned money by optimizing your commercial property for energy efficiency! Ask how!!

Save Money with Energy Saving Commercial Lighting!!!

LED Lighting Saves Energy and Money

LED lighting uses about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Switching to newer LED or LED lighting can make a significant reduction in your commercial electricity bills.  When Affinity Electric retrofits your older building with LED or lighting, you will reduce the electricity used by your commercial building and save money. Also…LED last 15 times longer, which means big financial savings on operations and maintenance.

Energy Efficient Commercial Induction Lighting

In some cases, induction lighting might be your best energy saving option! Need to add lighting to your parking lot or parking garage? Induction lighting might be your best option. Induction lighting is also very efficient, there’s no warm-up required, produces excellent light quality, is extremely durable and are typically maintenance-free for at least 15 years.

Commercial Electrical Services

Energy Saving LED Lighting
Programmable Lighting Controls
Lighting Retrofits
Parking Lot Lighting
Parking Garage Lighting
Indoor Light fixtures
Light bulbs (LED, neon signs, etc.)
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting/Security
Security/Safety lighting
Commercial Signage install and wiring
Landscape/Accent lighting

Smoke and CO2 Detectors:
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
Electrical Switches:
Light switches
Dimmer switches
Smart switches
Electrical Panels:
Circuit breaker panels
Fuse boxes

Surge Protection:
Surge protectors for electronic devices
Whole-building surge protection systems

Indoor Fans & Fixtures:
Ceiling fans
Ceiling-mounted light fixtures

Electrical Wiring:
New Construction Electrical Wiring
Tennant Improvement
Complete electrical and wiring services
Aluminum to Copper Wiring Service
Electrical layout, design and planning

Electrical Panels:
Adding sub-panels, circuits, outlets and lighting

Automation and Control
Commercial Building Automation and Control
Motion detection systems, occupancy switches

EV Charger Install:
Outdoor or Parking Garage Electric vehicle (EV) chargers

Electrical outlets (wall sockets)
USB outlets
Smart outlets


GFCI/AFCI service/installation
A/C Power Hook-ups

What Electrical Work is Done for a Tenant Finish on Commercial Office Space?

Affinity Electric are experts in handling large commercial jobs such as Tenant Finish. In fact, we recently finished a tenant finish project for Granite Tower in downtown Denver. This project included installing new electrical services including: all overhead lighting, LED light fixtures, complete electrical control panel wiring and install, electrical wiring for outlets, appliances, complete lighting control system install and much more!

Tenant finish work in commercial office spaces typically involves various electrical tasks to accommodate the specific needs of the tenant leasing the space. Here are some common electrical tasks that electricians may undertake during the tenant finish process:

1. Electrical Wiring: Installing or modifying electrical wiring to meet the requirements of the tenant’s layout and equipment. This includes running new circuits, adding outlets, and ensuring proper wiring for lighting fixtures, computers, printers, and other electrical devices.

2. Lighting Installation: Installing lighting fixtures according to the tenant’s specifications. This may involve installing overhead lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, or specialty lighting for specific areas such as reception areas, conference rooms, or workstations.

3. Power Distribution: Setting up power distribution systems to ensure adequate power supply throughout the office space. This includes installing electrical panels, subpanels, transformers, and distribution boards to safely distribute electricity to various areas and equipment.

4. Data and Communication Wiring: Installing data and communication wiring for telephones, internet connections, and networking infrastructure. This includes running Ethernet cables, installing data jacks, and setting up communication hubs or server rooms as needed.

5. Security and Access Control Systems: Installing security systems, access control systems, and surveillance cameras to ensure the safety and security of the office space. This may involve wiring for alarm systems, card readers, keypads, and other security devices.

6. HVAC Electrical Connections: Connecting electrical components of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This includes wiring thermostats, fans, motors, and other HVAC equipment to ensure proper functioning and energy efficiency.

7. Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs: Installing emergency lighting systems and exit signs to comply with building codes and safety regulations. This involves installing battery-powered emergency lights and illuminated exit signs that activate in case of power failure or emergency situations.

8. Code Compliance and Inspection: Ensuring all electrical work meets local building codes, regulations, and safety standards. Electricians may need to obtain permits, conduct inspections, and make any necessary adjustments or corrections to ensure compliance.

9. Coordination with Other Trades: Collaborating with other contractors and tradespeople involved in the tenant finish process, such as architects, interior designers, plumbers, and carpenters, to ensure seamless integration of electrical systems with the overall design and functionality of the office space.

Overall, electricians play a crucial role in the tenant finish process for commercial office spaces by providing the necessary electrical infrastructure to support the tenant’s operations and ensure a safe and functional working environment.