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Providing Expert Electrical Services for Denver, CO

Affinity Electric, provides electrical services for Denver, Colorado and boasts a dedicated team of skilled electricians committed to excellence. Since our establishment in 2006, we’ve been the go-to choice for comprehensive electrical solutions across the Denver Metro area and  the Colorado front range. From helping commercial businesses to assisting residential homeowners, to partnering with government, schools and industrial facilities, our unwavering commitment to quality and safety sets us apart in the industry. Trust us to power your projects with expertise, precision and reliability.

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Our licensed electrical contractors proudly serve a diverse clientele in Denver including commercial businesses, restaurants, schools, industrial facilities, and residential customers. Affinity Electric’s electrical expertise includes: new lighting and ceiling fan installation to electrical outlet repairs, wiring upgrades, lighting fixture repairs, outlets, circuit panels, and other essential electrical components.

If you need professional electricians anywhere across the front range of Colorado we’re here to help you!

Below is a short list of some of our services we offer:

Electrical Services We Provide in Denver, CO

Electrical Circuits

Attempting to tackle your home’s electrical wiring should be reserved for skilled electricians like those at Affinity Electric. Residential electrical work poses inherent risks and demands careful handling. Circuit breakers and wiring must be approached with utmost caution to avoid potential hazards. Our team of expert Denver electricians stands ready to assist with all your electrical circuit repair needs, whether it’s electric circuit wiring, replacement, or new installations. Malfunctioning circuits can disrupt the functionality of crucial appliances such as electric stoves, lights, refrigerators, and more, compromising your daily routines. With Affinity Electric’s local Denver electricians on the job, you can rest assured that any electrical circuit issues in your home will be promptly inspected and corrected, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

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Breakers, Fuses, and Electrical Panels

Do you have electrical outlets that are not working or are you constantly blowing fuses? Affinity Electric can diagnose and fix your residential problems. So if you need a Denver electrician for a small or large electrical breaker, fuse, or panel repair or replacement, the professionals at Affinity Electric can get the job done right and affordably. We’re Castle Rock’s affordable professional electrical contractor.

Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans in your home can be harder than you might think. Besides handling electrical wires from a ladder there can be other problems that can arise from incorrect ceiling fan installation. From a broken ceiling to an electrical fire caused by faulty wiring, it’s safest to leave electrical fan repair and installation up to the experts at Affinity Electric. We are Denver’s top choice for professional, reliable, and affordable electrical fan services.

Lighting and LED Lighting Retrofits

Affinity Electric excels in install and wiring for custom lighting, lighting control, lighting design, LED lighting retrofits and 24 hour reliable service for commercial, industrial and residential customers. There’s a whole new world of high technology in lighting and lighting control systems both for residential lighting and commercial lighting. Major energy savings can be achieved through lighting retrofits and lighting upgrades. Upgrading your electric lighting can save you serious money while adding value and improving the value of your Denver home. We invite you to contact Denver’s local electrical contractor – Affinity Electric – help you with your lighting needs today. We professionally evaluate your existing lighting and electrical system and provide a FREE ESTIMATE and recommendations on how we can improve your wiring, lighting and lighting control systems. From large commercial lighting retrofit or new constructions projects to helping Denver homeowners – we’ve got you covered with our full 1 Year Guarantee.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with new outdoor lighting and walkway lighting to recessed lighting and security lighting – we can do it all!

For a FREE ESTIMATE on electrical Light Fixture Installation, Repairs in Denver, call today!

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Electrical Wiring and Wiring Repairs

Electrical wiring expertise is at the core of Affinity Electric’s DNA! Whether you’re working on a remodel, new construction project,  or repairs for any wiring project, regardless of its scale, Affinity Electric stands as your best choice in Denver. Our licensed electricians possess the know-how to efficiently tackle any task and address all your electrical inquiries with precision. We provide FREE ESTIMATES and a 1 year warranty for our services so you can trust us as your go-to Denver electrical service provider. From extensive commercial wiring ventures to residential rewiring and even minor wiring services, Affinity Electric delivers unparalleled expertise as your trusted Denver electrician. Let us handle all your electrical wiring needs with professionalism and proficiency, ensuring your peace of mind.

Electrical Inspections & Troubleshooting

Conducting regular electrical system inspections for both residential and commercial properties holds paramount importance. Over time, electrical appliances, systems, and components gradually deteriorate in quality and performance due to usage. Discerning when repairs or replacements are necessary for these systems can be challenging for the average individual. However, seasoned electricians possess the expertise to evaluate when such actions are warranted through thorough inspections. Additionally, they ensure that the system aligns with the latest safety standards, safeguarding against potential hazards caused by degraded systems and faulty installations. Compliance with safety regulations isn’t just a matter of prudence; it’s also mandated by law, with fines imposed for non-compliance. Upgrading the system based on safety inspections mitigates the risk of such penalties. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety, separate and comprehensive electrical inspections are often required during home purchases. They recommend inspections for homes older than 40 years or those that have undergone major renovations or installed large electrical appliances within the last decade. Shockingly, faulty electrical systems contribute to over 165,000 residential fires annually in the United States alone. During an inspection, your electrician meticulously examines all outlets for tightness, inspects fuse boxes and circuit breakers, and thoroughly tests every electrical component to ensure safe and optimal operation.

Affinity Electric are experts in Electrical Troubleshooting and electrical repairs. From simple residential wiring or outlet problems – to more complex commercial or industrial troubleshooting projects. We can diagnose and fix your electrical problems. Just give us a call!

Electrical fires, electrocutions, and even deaths have occurred due to faulty electrical outlets, wiring, lighting, and more. Talk to the professional Denver electricians at Affinity Electric about our thorough electrical inspections. Our Denver electricians are extensively-trained, licensed, and insured.

Electrical Surge Protection, Lightning, and Fire Protection

Castle Rock is famous nationwide for getting a large number of lightning strikes every year. Lightning strikes to a home without adequate electrical surge protection can blow out thousands of dollars of appliances and even set fire to your house. Having electrical surge protection is a wise investment for anyone living in Denver, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lonetree, Centennial, Parke and  the entire front range of Colorado. If your Denver home has inadequate electrical protection the skilled electricians at Affinity Electric can protect your home from electrical surges, power outages and electrical fires. Affinity Electric can install whole house surge protection for homes and commercial businesses in Denver and also provide affordable Electrical Outlets and Switches. Affinity Electric is Denver’s top electrical contractor – for your house surge protection and electrical outlet and switch needs. We provide fast, reliable, and professional electrical service every time.

Let the professional Denver electricians at Affinity Electric help you with your next electrical needs today!

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