Electrical Surge Protection for Castle Rock and the Denver Metro area

Affinity Electric’s team of electricians can protect your home or business with whole house surge protection.
Colorado’s severe lightning storms are hazardous, as they often ignite fires or cause serious damage to major appliances, wiring, outlets and other household electronics. Affinity Electric are your surge protection experts for homes and businesses throughout the Denver metro area including: Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch and other front range Colorado locations.

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Protect your Family, Major Appliances and Valuable Electrical Equipment
with Whole-House Surge Protection!

Just think about the cost of all your appliances – not to mention your outlets and home’s electrical wiring – when you add it all up the relatively low cost of Whole-House Surge Protection is both a wise and an affordable investment. Whole-House Surge Protection protects:

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer
  • Light Fixtures
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Home Theaters & Flat-screen TVs
  • Computers
  • HVAC and Heating equipment
  • Tablets and Cell Phones
  • House Wiring
  • Outlets

When lightning strikes…whole-house surge protection can provide peace of mind knowing that your family and your valuable electrical equipment and your HVAC will be safe from a dangerous power surge.

Protecting your entire household from lightning strikes and power surges requires more than a standard power strip. Whole house surge protector networks shield your appliances and electronics by intercepting surges that travel through wires into the house.

Power surges, both large and small, can occur regularly, with lightning strikes generating significant surges and daily unnoticed surges gradually weakening sensitive electrical components. The installation of a whole house surge protector network becomes essential to safeguard against damages caused by both types of surges. By eliminating the need for individual surge protectors, these networks prove cost-effective, extending the lifespan of valuable appliances and electronics.

For additional information about whole house surge protection contact Affinity Electric. Our knowledgeable residential electricians can address your queries, conduct an in-home evaluation, and recommend the most suitable protection for your home’s appliances and electronics.

How a Surge Protector Works

A surge protector redirects excess voltage into an outlet’s grounding wire, preventing it from flowing through electronic devices and appliances. This safeguard helps maintain normal voltage paths, preventing the gradual wear-down of internal components in devices and protecting data integrity in computers. Surge protectors also extend protection to telephone and cable lines.

In essence, a surge protector acts as a barrier against voltage spikes, diverting them away and ensuring that only safe levels of electricity reach the devices it is protecting. This is crucial for preventing damage to electronic equipment and appliances caused by power surges, whether they result from lightning strikes, utility grid issues, or other electrical disturbances.

Types of Whole House Surge Protectors

There are different types of whole house surge protectors, and they are categorized based on their installation points and functions. Here are the main types:

  1. Type 1 Surge Protectors:
    • Installed at the service entrance or utility meter.
    • Designed to handle large external surges, such as those caused by lightning strikes.
    • These are typically the most expensive due to their capacity to handle large external surges, such as lightning strikes.
  2. Type 2 Surge Protectors:
    • Mounted to the load side of the main service panel.
    • Provide protection against moderate surges entering the home’s electrical system.
  3. Type 3 Surge Protectors:
    • These are the cheapest options which are typically plugged directly into electronic equipment within your home.
    • Designed to only protect individual devices and appliances from localized surges.
    • Type 3 surge protectors are often designed for individual devices, costs can add up based on the number of devices you choose to protect.

A comprehensive surge protection strategy often involves a combination of these types to provide layered protection throughout the home’s electrical system. This approach helps ensure that different levels of surges, whether large or small, are effectively mitigated, offering a more robust defense against potential damage to appliances and electronic devices.

Contact Affinity Electric and one of their residential electricians can provide a FREE ESTIMATE on your best options for whole house surge protection.

General Whole Home Surge Protection Facts

  • Cost of quality whole-house surge protectors typically costs run between $100 and $300
  • Surge Protectors not only helps to prevent damage to your appliances and electronics but extend their lifespan too!
  • Installing a whole-home surge protector typically takes a few hours.
  • Its a job that should be done by an licensed residential electrician such as Affinity Electric.
  • A Whole house surge protector can last 5-10 years (depending on the quality of the protector)
  • Regular inspection of your surge protector is recommended to ensure it is working effectively.

Lightning Strikes Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Home

Obviously if lightning hits your home it can cause massive damage if your home is not protected properly. But even when a lightning strike is a mile away it can still cause serious damage. When there’s an indirect lightning strike – a lightning strike nearby – not only you, but your home is at risk, even if a strike is a mile away. The National Lightning Safety Institute says indirect lightning strikes are 2000 times more likely to cause “mischief” than a direct strike.

For example: a relatively common occurrence is having a lightning strike a nearby power line. That strike can send a destructive surge of electricity down the line which can enter into your home’s electrical system with the potential to destroy major appliances, computers and even harm your loved ones.

According to the Insurance Information Institute the cost of an average insurance claim for a lightning strike is $21,578.